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HLY-R003-A1 Wall washer

HLY-R003-A1 Wall washer

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High-grade deep anti-glare narrow side wall washer introduction:

1. High-grade deep anti-glare narrow side wall washer Features: Die-cast aluminum material, high heat dissipation design, small opening and high power, suitable for hotels, office buildings, airports, etc.

2, high-grade deep anti-glare narrow side wall washer installation: embedded, adjustable angle,

3, optical design: a variety of lighting angles, high-end lenses and reflectors, the best wall washing effect, flat, bulls eye design, can form different light effects and illumination, to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

4, the light source level: 80-98 color rendering index Cree, Lang Mingnas, Osram, wafer chip. customizable.

5, product intelligence features: can dimming color, can be segmented color, suitable for 0-10v. SCR, dali dimming mode.

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