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HLY-M11025BF Wall washer

HLY-M11025BF Wall washer

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Product model: HLY-M11025BF2

Product size (mm): φ122*H132mm

Opening size (mm): φ110mm

Face ring color: sand white + black light cup

Power: 25W

Beam angle: 15°24°38°

Installation method: embedded, not adjustable

High-end deep anti-glare wall lamp introduction:

1. High-grade deep anti-glare wall washer Features: Die-cast aluminum material, high heat dissipation design, suitable for hotels, office buildings, commercial lighting, airports, etc.

2, high-end deep anti-glare wall lamp installation: embedded, adjustable angle,

3, optical design: a variety of lighting angles, high-end lenses and reflectors show the best wall washing effect, internal black light dark processing, square, semi-circular round, elliptical mask, black / white / gold / silver series reflector, can be formed Different light effects and illumination to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

4, the light source level: 80-98 color rendering index Cree, Lang Mingnas, Osram, wafer chip. customizable.

5, product intelligence features: can dim color, can be segmented color, suitable for 0-10V, thyristor, DALI and other dimming modes.

6, high-grade deep anti-glare wall lamp product size and style, can be customized according to customer requirements, the most complete opening and supporting power.

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