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Track spotlights and accent lighting

Track spotlights and accent lighting

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Key lighting is an important lighting method commonly used in lighting design, and it is widely used in commercial shops. The types of lamps used in key lighting are spotlights, which include embedded spotlights, surface mounted spotlights, grille spotlights, and track spotlights. The installation positions of the first three types of spotlights are fixed, and the installation, disassembly and maintenance steps are cumbersome. The installation position of the rail spotlights is adjustable, and the disassembly and assembly is simple and fast, which has become a major feature. Today, let's talk about the rail spotlights.


First, what is the track spotlight

The spotlight is a kind of directional light with high directionality and high concentration. Its light effect is mainly for an object, which can emphasize the texture of the object, and can also be used for lighting and illuminating the atmosphere. As a member of the family of spotlights, the track spotlights are distinguished by the characteristics of spotlights. They are required to be mounted on special guide rails (three or four wires) to adjust the lamps on the track according to actual lighting requirements. s position. In terms of application, the track spotlights can generally adjust the projection direction by 355° horizontally and 90° vertically. The projection is very flexible and is widely used in shops, restaurants, exhibition halls, museums and other places.

Third, the rail spotlight installation method

For the installation of the track light, it is necessary to install the guide rail on the ceiling first. In addition to the guide rail, the mounting accessories of the guide light of the guide rail and the connection head. Common guide rails are two types: two-wire guide rail, three-wire guide rail and four-wire guide rail. The adapter head has various types such as + type, T type, I type, and L type.

There are three ways to install the rails:

First: the ceiling is slotted and the track is placed in the slot.

Second: the track is mounted on the ceiling.

Third: the rail can be installed on the suspension line.

After the track is installed, the lamp body is loaded into the track and adjusted for illumination.

Fourth, the application of rail spotlights

The remarkable characteristics of the position of the guide light and the direction of the illumination can be adjusted flexibly, so that it maintains a proud posture in the store lighting. The product display of the store often needs to be updated, and the track spotlights can better meet the lighting needs.

The window of the clothing store and the display area of the clothing are often used to focus on the lighting of the rails to highlight the texture of the clothing.

In the furniture store, the rail spotlights are also visible everywhere, especially in the furniture display area.

In the car 4S shop exhibition area, there are still rail-mounted spotlights.

In commercial lighting, the track spotlights are everywhere, playing an important role everywhere. The track spotlights have a calm and elegant appearance, comparable to the color rendering of the metal halide source, near-perfect light color saturation, precise beam angle, It has a more perfect effect in highlighting the material and color of objects, and there is no shop in the lighting places such as clothing stores, furniture stores, restaurant chains, automobile showrooms, and museums.



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