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What is the difference between internal and external control of wall washers?

What is the difference between internal and external control of wall washers?

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LED wall washers are also called line-type LED floodlights. Because of their long strip shape, some people call it LED line lights. They are mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, and are used to outline large buildings. The technical parameters are similar to those of the LED flood light. Compared with the circular structure of the LED flood light, the heat dissipation device of the strip structure of the LED wall washer is better handled.

For LED wall washers, there are currently two control methods: internal control and external control. The internal control means that the external controller is not needed, and the designer designs the control system inside the wall washer. The degree of effect cannot be changed. The external control is the external controller, and the effect can be changed by adjusting the button of the main control. Usually in large projects, customers can change their own effects, we use external control.


The high-power LED wall washer has a colorful control system because the program is fixed and has few changes, which can not meet the engineering requirements. Many projects are now using the DMX512 external control wall washer.

Reasons: 1. The external control can be controlled to be solid in color;

      2, the external control can be controlled into a colorful gradient;

      3, the external control can be controlled into a variety of colorful;

      4. The external control can be controlled to chase the running water;

      5. External control rarely appears out of sync.

However, the external control wall washer is much more troublesome than the internal control. Especially the back line, the power line should be more than 0.75 square meters, the signal line should go two 0.5 square meters, and the two sides should have three outlet holes. Wiring is much more troublesome than internal control.

High-power LED wall washer production notes:

1, 36W DMX512 external control wall washer aluminum substrate must be dedicated, do not take the conventional board to do, this is very easy to make mistakes, because DMX512 external control wall washer is generally selected 24V power supply, the conventional aluminum substrate is 12 String 3, 24V power supply can not afford, must use 6 string 6 and special board;

2, 36W DMX512 external control wall washer power cable (including male and female pairs of wiring, back line) core must be greater than or equal to 0.75 square, so that the male and female docking can be stringed 8, the core is small will burn the line .

3, the signal line and the power line of the male and female pairs of connectors must choose different specifications, it is best to have a difference in color (the male and female connectors of the power line are large, the signal line is small) because it is relatively tired during installation. It is sometimes confusing to distinguish only in size.

Wall washing lamp installation precautions:

1. It is best to connect the signal cable first (if the power cable is connected first, some will be equipped with the female cable on the lamp, and the signal cable may touch the cable, so it may burn the IC inside the power supply).

2, the male and female can not be more than the number of joints, the conventional should not exceed 8, the excessive current will be too much will burn the line.

3, the power line and the signal line should not be reversed, there is the external control routine to do 24V, do not connect 220V.

4, the male and female pairs of joints must be locked nuts, otherwise it will seep into the lamps and aluminum plates.



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