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Application place and installation method of wall washer

Application place and installation method of wall washer

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LED wall washers, as the name implies, have similar technical parameters to led floodlights. Compared with the structure of LED floodlights, the heat sink of led wall washer structure is better handled. The function of the wall washer is to make the wall of the light shine like the washed, which is mainly used in the architectural decoration lighting and outline the outline of some large buildings. LED lights have energy saving, rich colors, long life and durability, and high light efficiency. The general illumination range is 3-5 meters.


LED wall washer applications: new concept lighting, local lighting, accent lighting, floodlighting, such as classical and modern architecture, bridges, landscape buildings, outdoor plazas, landscapes and walls, exhibits Brush and so on.

So how to install the wall washer? Let's take a look at how to install the wall washer.

1. Wiring: The wall washers must be parallel to the head of the wall, and work well before installation according to the position where the power is placed.

2. Fix the lamp firmly with screws;

3. Connect the lamp to the power cord firmly, and the unused wire ends are wrapped with waterproof tape;

4. When installing the wiring, a branch power supply can only connect 8-10 wall washers in series;

5. After the installation is completed, please check the installation line to confirm that the installation is correct. After no electrical short circuit, turn on the corresponding control power.



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