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LED wall washer type and installation

LED wall washer type and installation

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Wall washers LED wall washers are widely used in commercial lighting, and it is inevitable to encounter sun and rain. Therefore, the price of wall washers needs to be waterproof and corrosion resistant. Wall washers are often used for building decoration. In large buildings, the price of wall washers can be used to enhance the aesthetics of buildings and have an indispensable role in people's lives. What are the types of lamp prices, how to install and use?


The shape of the LED wall washer is generally cylindrical. The wall washer is affordable. Its parameters are basically high-power LED tubes. Most LED tubes used in led wall washers use the same heat dissipation. In this way, the lamp bead will not overheat and affect the use of the LED lamp in the case of long-time illumination. This lamp has many different types, and people can choose the environment according to the environment to be used. Different situations to choose the right power and the appropriate length of lighting.

There are two types of wall washers for wall washers: external control and internal control. When internal control is adopted, six different modes can be built in, which makes the light achieve better results. In external control, it needs to be configured with an external one. Control the controller, and then you can change the color, which is usually done by external control. In the process of using the wall washer, the color of the light is controlled by a built-in microchip. In some small projects, when the lamp is used, the controller is not required to complete. It can realize various dynamic lighting effects such as gradation, jump and color flicker, and can also achieve some effects such as chasing and scanning, because it can achieve a variety of ideal effects during use, making the night scene more beautiful, so Its application is very extensive and can achieve better results. Led wall washers are playing an increasingly important role in our lives, and now it has become an indispensable part of people's lives. LED wall washers are closely related to our lives. In addition to LED wall washers, many LED lights have entered our lives. We must pay attention to a series of details on the installation of LED wall washers. LED wall washers are selected for disassembly and assembly. The disassembly location should be near the installation site for easy assembly.

LED wall washer technology and process are more and more mature, environmental protection and energy saving has also become its design concept, manufacturers make technical breakthroughs on LED LED chips and drive power, to provide people with reliable quality products, if you need To use this kind of lamp, you can refer to the product type and installation method mentioned above as a reference, I hope to help you.




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