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What are the requirements for commercial lighting fixtures when selecting

What are the requirements for commercial lighting fixtures when selecting

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The lighting of commercial lighting complex is not a simple matter. There are too many lighting areas involved. Different manufacturers of wall washers give different price of wall washers. The types of lamps used are also very large. If you don't get well, it will look ugly, so you need to have a detailed plan to find the designer of the wall washer. The beautiful design is the premise of lighting, and the price of the wall washer is reasonable. You must also find qualified. Wall washer manufacturers buy lamps, lamps are the basis of everything, do not greedy small wall washers, the price is cheap, after the quality problems, it will be a problem, so choose the lamps of the senior wall washer manufacturers to avoid the trouble as much as possible.

The color temperature of the wall washer is divided into warm color and cold color. The color temperature of the wall washer is also divided into two types. If you choose a wall washer for your bedroom and living area, then it is recommended that you choose a warm-walled wall washer. This shade of light is similar to the skin color, making it feel very warm and very comfortable.


Cold-coloured wall washers are suitable for use in the kitchen and basement because they require bright light for us to find or work. In addition, this place is very interesting. You can choose the color of the wall washer according to your personality and furniture decoration. The warm color will make you relax in the bathroom, and the cool color will give you the sense of efficiency. How to choose it? You like it.

Fault testing is a critical test item in product certification testing. This test item is to short-circuit or open some components on the line to simulate the failures that may occur during actual use to evaluate the safety of the product under a single fault condition. In order to meet this safety requirement, it is necessary to consider adding a suitable fuse at the input end of the product to prevent overcurrent from being output short-circuit or internal component failure, resulting in a fire hazard.

Regardless of the change in the size of the load, the circuit in which the current of the LED remains unchanged is called the LED constant current drive. If the wall washer uses 1W LED, we usually use 350MA LED constant current drive. The purpose of LED constant current drive is to improve the life and light decay of LED. The choice of constant current source is based on its efficiency and stability. I try to choose a high-efficiency constant current source, which can reduce energy loss and temperature.




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