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Wall washers should pay attention to some effects when making

Wall washers should pay attention to some effects when making

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Wall washer manufacturers install wall washers with flexible mounting brackets, which are conducive to maintenance angle adjustment and high energy efficiency of lamps, and are widely used in hotel commercial lighting because of the low price of wall washers. The light mixing distance of the wall washer is shortened, so that the lamp body can support a short distance of 950,000 hours (the light output is attenuated to 70%). From the observation of the market price of wall washers, the sales volume of purely LED-focused lamps is increasing very fast, which is reflected in wall washers, interior walls, and commercial lighting. If it is necessary to support other skills, such as exposure to high-level trendy categories such as commercial lighting art design and conception, the supply is much lower than needed, but the price of such wall washers is relatively high.

The wall washers are available in a variety of colors, such as exterior lighting, indoor lighting, green lighting, hotel lighting, billboard lighting, medical, cultural and other special facilities lighting, bar, dance hall and other entertainment venues.


A good wall washer should give people a comfortable and comfortable visual effect. Therefore, it is quite suitable for the installation of public places, and the color illusion effect unique to the wall washer. In the commercial use, the building looks more attractive and charming, causing many people to pay attention. In this way, high-power floodlight manufacturers like this wall washer, deeply loved by the people, the products are produced through a system to ensure the stability of the goods is very good, and in the long-term choice, durable and safe.

Hotel wall washers, let the lights show quite colorful, create an atmosphere for the hotel, the wall washers give indoors 24 hours of uninterrupted lighting, it is not easy to disturb the lighting effects due to environmental factors. Wall washers are more energy efficient and more energy efficient than traditional wall washers. Extensive long-term choices must save objective electricity costs for large cities.

When the wall washer is being produced, pay attention to the effect of the product. Under the production of the nonlinear effect, the effect is clear, the style is clear, and the color of the light is very comfortable enough.




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