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How to use the ceiling light (below)

How to use the ceiling light (below)

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Ceiling spotlights can be placed around the ceiling or on the upper part of the furniture, or in the wall, wall skirt or skirting. The light directly shines on the household objects that need to be emphasized, in order to highlight the subjective aesthetic function, to achieve the artistic effect of focusing on the key, unique environment, rich in layers, rich atmosphere, colorful and confusing. The ceiling light is soft and graceful, which can not only play a leading role in overall lighting, but also partially purchase light and set off the atmosphere to make people feel like they are in a dreamlike, picturesque, dance-like atmosphere. However, students fully enjoy the satisfaction and superiority of social civilization and scientific and technological progress.

If the ceiling light is placed in the living room, it will be the finishing touch; if it is placed in the bed, it will be empty and elegant; if it is placed in the study, it will be elegant and elegant; if it is placed in the bathroom, it will be warm and pleasant; if it is placed in the kitchen, it will have a taste.

The artistic conception of the ceiling light can make people feel like a fairy in the cloud steaming Xia Wei. When used together with the ceiling lamp, it will be "the star arch moon"; the ceiling light group is used, it is like "eight immortals crossing the sea" The single use of the ceiling light is "out of the box".

The ceiling light is very strong and unique to space, color, and reality. It is a new trend and has a comparative advantage compared to other lamps. No matter whether it is heavy or understated, it is also elegant and graceful, with gorgeous space and mood, and it can always become new and always full of fun, beautiful and beautiful!

Ceiling spotlight installation:

When installing ceiling light, the transformer is usually installed in the hole, there is no unsafe problem. Because the space in the ceiling is large, the heat dissipation is very good.

First, the common problem of installing ceiling spotlights is that some workers did not arrange the power cords during the previous construction, which caused the lights to be not found after the ceiling. Therefore, pay attention to the position of the wires. it is good. Need an electrician to work with woodworkers.

Second, another problem is that some of the lamp holes are inaccurate when excavated, resulting in inconsistencies in size or spacing, and look awkward.

Third, the lamp hole forms a depth due to the height of the ceiling, and this depth should be able to be placed into the ceiling spotlight. If not enough, the light cannot be installed. Therefore, when considering the ceiling, it is necessary to consider what kind of ceiling spotlights to use.



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