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Information about commercial lighting

Information about commercial lighting

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At present, there are many professional commercial lighting companies in China to obtain lighting products for hotel investors. In addition, foreign commercial lighting designers are also looking for sellers in China, which also promotes the growth of commercial lighting in China.

The growth of commercial lighting is also excited by the growth of some peripheral products, lighting distributors and lighting engineering companies. With the growth of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the lighting products that were originally unique to some hotels have now become the home accessories in the general trend of the family. The result of commercial lighting is generally completed in two aspects. One is the matching of the model of the lighting product itself with the situation, and the other is the illumination of the lighting itself and the surrounding environment through the illumination of the light source.


Commercial lighting should be able to glamorously flash, the key is the purity of the crystal ball and the cutting surface and lead content. Therefore, when purchasing, the inn should look at the crystal ball for cracks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities. As long as the crystal clear and transparent crystal ball should be able to exert the good performance of the optical, the shuttle light reflects the magnificent color; On the cutting surface of the crystal ball, it depends on whether it is round or not, and whether the edge is sharp, so the refractive result of the crystal ball is obtained. In terms of lead content, generally, the high quality crystal ball will use the whole lead crystal. This is a pure material that gives off glamorous colors.

A variety of different outcomes have occurred through the combination of commercial lighting and the surrounding environment. The selection of commercial lighting must be based on the star rating and decoration style of the inn, which should echo the decoration style of the inn. The imaginary commercial lighting is not only incomprehensible, but is beaten. Also choose according to the size of the inn and the appearance of the lights.

Commercial lighting is generally hanged in the lobby or restaurant of the inn, so it is necessary to use the gorgeous ceiling commercial lighting or hanging commercial lighting.

Commercial lighting for different items is similar in appearance. It is worth noting that some of the producers only make surface works. They install high-quality lamp beads on the periphery or obvious parts of the larger commercial lighting, and deceive themselves in the inner layers or hidden places of the lighting.

In terms of appearance, they are similar to some brand-name lamps, and the same appearance, people generally choose lower prices. I don't know, those goods are gold and jade, and the paper talks about the soldiers. The time is long, and all kinds of problems have been shown. Therefore, when you are picking, you must keep your eyes open and choose carefully. Some of the famous brand commercial lighting manufacturers in order to ensure their quality and let customers buy real items and use them with confidence, will be marked on each crystal face, so the hotel if you buy a brand name, if you carefully identify when ordering The item logo should be fine.



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