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Ceiling spotlight use method (1)

Ceiling spotlight use method (1)

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Application places for ceiling spotlights:

1, ceiling spotlights are used in home lighting, commercial shop decoration lighting.

2, entertainment venue lighting, auxiliary lighting and other places.

3, specialty stores, hotels, cafes, etc.


The role in the lighting arrangement can not be underestimated, the wall lamp manufacturer spotlights as a decorative light and subsidized light, adding a lot of color to the room.

If the furniture in the living room is a combination, then it is a good idea to choose one or a few ceiling lights. Generally, the lamp can be placed on the wall on both sides of the furniture, the lamp holder is vertical, and the lamp cover can be slightly inclined. Some modular furniture is divided into small areas by wooden boards, and the layers are clearly defined. Then the led spotlights can be directly installed in a small area, which can be used for local lighting, and can also express the clear atmosphere of the living room, and play the role of “finishing the finishing touch”. . If you put a ceiling light on the bedside, it will become a soft, elegant bedside lamp. The height is generally parallel to the head sitting on the bed. The lampshade made of flame-retardant engineering plastic is completely opaque, the light is completely sprinkled on the illuminated surface, and the non-irradiated surface is dark. Therefore, when the night is turned on, it does not affect others' rest at all.

Ceiling spotlights can also be used as mirror front lights in the bathroom. When installing, the lamp holder should be traversed and the height is above the washbasin. Since the lampshade rotates freely and can rotate 320 degrees, it is enough to have a small washroom. No matter where you need to light up, it can "cast what you want." Many young people try to use the ceiling light instead of the chandelier, and the effect is not bad. Just install the bottom upside down and fix it under the ceiling. If the room is long or has a wine cabinet, etc., it is better to install a row of ceiling spotlights; if the room is more square, you can install led spotlights around the ceiling, but the switches are better controlled separately, so that when all are turned on, It becomes the illumination of the main body of the living room. When it is turned on separately, it is a small ceiling light, a wall lamp or a "single fire chandelier".



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