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Attention in the process of producing wall washers

Attention in the process of producing wall washers

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Anti-static measures need to pay attention to and pay attention to the process of producing high-power wall washers. For example, commercial lighting has special work regulations, and workers must wear uniform overalls, anti-static rings, anti-static gloves, etc. to ensure the working environment. The degree of humidity can also be installed with an anti-static ion fan to effectively avoid the harm caused by static electricity to the LED and improve work efficiency. In addition, the higher-grade lamps have higher antistatic performance than ordinary LEDs.

As a hotel room light, you don't know how easy it is for a wall washer manufacturer to operate. Even if you order a sample of wall washers worth about one hundred yuan, you will find a large LED wall washer manufacturer. Not bad money, then a hundred and tens of dollars should not be collected. But think about it, we are living because of the large amount of equipment, production sites, and a group of employees who need to rely on Guangchen to support their families.


1. Matching of high power wall washer power supply and light board:

Some customers first draw the light board, then find the power supply, and find that it is difficult to have a suitable power supply, or the current is too large, the voltage is too small (such as I>350mA, V<40V); or the current is too small, the voltage is too high (such as I< 40mA, V>180V), the result is a severe heat, low power, perhaps the input voltage scale is not enough. In fact, picking an excellent string parallel connection method, the voltage and current applied to each led is the same, and the function of the power supply can carry forward the function of the stick. The great way is to communicate with the power supply manufacturer and tailor it.

2, must be constant flow:

The characteristics of led semiconductors are determined to be greatly affected by the environment. For example, if the temperature changes, the LED current will be added, the voltage will be added, and the LED current will be added. Exceeding the extra current rating for a long time will greatly shorten the operating life of the LED. The led constant current is to ensure that its rated current does not change when environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change.

In the process of development, we must be able to grasp the development trend of a product very well. Because only when we can better grasp the development trend of these products can we let us know how to develop the next development strategy, which is very good for our development.



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