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What is the use of LED wall washers?

What is the use of LED wall washers?

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Whether the LED wall washer is stable, the quality is good or not, and the heat dissipation of the lamp body itself is important. At present, the heat dissipation of the high-brightness LED lamp on the market usually adopts natural heat dissipation, and the effect is not satisfactory. The heat dissipation is not ideal, and the life of the lamp itself will be affected. The application of heat dissipation materials in the industry should not only focus on the heat dissipation coefficient, but ignore the thermal resistance value. If you only see a certain heat sink, heat sink, heat sink or thermal film with a good heat dissipation coefficient, you can think that you can conduct high heat out, which may be disappointing. It is expected that the temperature will drop, the LED epitaxial will not be light-degraded due to overheating, the life of the LED street lamp can be effectively extended, and the acceptance can be smoothly passed, which may not occur.

Basically, it is characterized by small particles that emit a large amount of directional light with a small current. The beam angle of the LED is typically between 15° and 180°, which allows precise control of the light and minimizes the loss of light in the cavity of the lamp. This is a distinctly different place from traditional light sources, where traditional light sources typically have a wide illumination angle and many rays escape in a direction that is not needed at all. This means that when using LED light sources, the same level of illumination can be achieved with less light and energy consumption is reduced.


Luminous efficiency of lamps

The most fundamental reason why we choose LED wall washers is to save energy, save money, and only have high luminous efficiency. LEDs with longevity can really play the role of energy saving and money saving. They are also LED wall washers and high efficiency LED wall washers. It is 50% higher than the ordinary LED wall washer, which means that the energy saving effect is more than 50%.

The housing requirements of the wall washers are based on the wattage to recognize the scale. The larger the wattage, the larger the radiator needs. Many low-end products on the market use 36W for thin materials, which reduces the cost, but the heat dissipation of the products cannot be achieved. Ensure that the light decay rate of the luminaire is increased, which affects the use of the luminaire.

Good wall washer manufacturers use high-quality Tianci organic silica gel and epoxy resin. After the lamps are installed, some customers choose the supplier to increase the light decay speed of the lamp, 7655. Once the rain IC dies, the demand for professional high-altitude hoisting personnel; Huicai Lighting uses the European standard of CE wall-washing lamp housing requirements to recognize the scale according to the wattage, it will be very obvious in front of people.

Some manufacturers have never found that replacing the LED-specific backlight ink with a general white text ink is equivalent to adding a layer of hard paint to seal the heat. After many failures, wall washer manufacturers have accepted new ideas and processes and attacked from the overall cooling scheme. The aluminum substrate is replaced with a special heat-dissipating white backlight ink for LED coating. If a yellowish backlight ink is specified, the reflectance will be increased to 91%. Spraying between the copper foil substrate and the aluminum substrate with a soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint can reduce the use of the Japanese thermal conductive film and increase the breakdown voltage at a very low cost. To protect high-power wall washers from the climatic environment and to effectively conduct heat out, a cost-effective and effective method is to spray soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint. Only from the overall concept of heat dissipation, reducing the thermal resistance interference is the key to the acceptance of LED lamps. The lamp protection enclosure should be abandoning the traditional plating or baking varnish. These two methods will seal the heat back into the fixture.



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