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Talk about how to choose the hotel lighting

Talk about how to choose the hotel lighting

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How to choose the hotel lighting. Nowadays, hotel lighting has become a trend that can't be ignored. However, it is difficult to decorate the most intimate hotel when the shopkeeper is very good, and how to design the most suitable hotel according to the characteristics of the hotel, it is also a small learning. . In order to meet the needs of readers in this regard, here is a brief introduction to how to choose different aspects of hotel lighting.

Domestic hotels have a large number of lamps and a large number of lamps. As LED indoor lighting applications become the consensus of the industry development this year, hotel lighting, as one of the main market segments of indoor lighting, has attracted the attention of many companies. However, the current application scale of LED in hotel lighting is not very large. What are the products suitable for application in hotel lighting? How to develop and promote it?


At present, the hotel lighting market is still mainly replaced, so LED lighting products are mainly to replace traditional lighting fixtures, such as crystal lamps, spotlights, panel lights and so on. Innovative LED lamps are not without a market, but they are mainly used in some new high-end hotels. The space is still small. On the contrary, custom lighting has become a trend for small and medium-sized hotels. Since the custom made lamps can fully meet the psychological needs and fashion personality of the hotel layout, the custom lighting market has become a dark horse.

Specifically, due to the variety of places in the hotel, in addition to the bedroom and living room, it also includes offices, bars, conference rooms, restaurants, shopping malls, fitness, beauty spas and so on. The different environments of hotel lighting have different demand characteristics, and different lighting products need to be selected according to these demand characteristics. For example, the hotel lobby needs bright light, which can give the guests a feeling of comfort, consider the use of decorative high-power LED downlights.

Due to price and other reasons, the proportion of LED lamps used in hotels is still very low, especially the use of luxurious and noble crystal lamps. So what is the main mode of LED entering hotel lighting? We believe that the application of LED products in hotels should be combined with energy-saving transformation.



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