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What are the differences between spotlights and downlights?

What are the differences between spotlights and downlights?

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Introduction to downlight:

The downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the interior of the ceiling. It is generally used for the decoration and photos of the living room. Usually, it will go around the living room ceiling position. The biggest feature is that it can keep the decoration of the living room perfect. Unification, not occupying space, adding a soft atmosphere to the space, creating a warm and romantic feeling.

Introduction to spotlights:

Generally speaking, the spotlight is installed around the ceiling or on the upper part of the furniture, placed in the wall, in the skirting line or in the wall skirt. It is mainly used to highlight the layering and create an atmosphere, which can dominate the overall lighting and promote local lighting. Relative to the downlight, the light line is soft, which creates a graceful atmosphere.


The difference between spotlights and downlights:

Difference one - different light sources

According to the manufacturer of the wall washer, under normal circumstances, the interior of the downlight is equipped with an energy-saving lamp or an incandescent lamp. When the incandescent lamp is installed, the yellow light is emitted. When the energy-saving lamp is installed, the white light is emitted, and the direction of the light source is fixed and cannot be adjusted. The spotlight is made of a quartz bulb or a lamp bead, and the direction of the source of the spotlight can be arbitrarily adjusted relative to the downlight.

The difference is two - the application is different:

Downlights are generally used for auxiliary lighting or general lighting in home decoration. The light is soft and comfortable. When the downlights are arranged, the spacing and uniformity of the lamps need to be considered. The spotlights are generally used to highlight a specific object, which is emphasized. The function can make the object more textured, and it is generally used in commercial stores or exhibition areas.

The difference is three - the effect is different

All the light of the downlight is projected downwards, which is a direct light distribution, which can increase the softness of the space and create a warm feeling, but the effect can not be changed, and the spotlights are different. The spotlights are typical. The main light, in short, is a modern genre illumination of a certain scale. If a row of small spotlights is combined, the light can change different fantastic patterns, and the small spotlights can also freely change the angle to play differently. Light effect.

Difference 4 - different prices

The difference in price between spotlights and downlights is also obvious. Under the same circumstances, the price of spotlights of the same grade and quality is higher than that of downlights. The general price difference is about tens of dollars.



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