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What are the trends in the market for commercial lighting wall washers?

What are the trends in the market for commercial lighting wall washers?

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In the production of wall washers, the commercial lighting for the products is better. The selection of optical lenses is very important. So, do you know what kind of optical lenses are used in high-power wall washers on the market? We know that optical lenses are generally divided into "Primary lens" and "secondary lens". The "lens" often referred to by outdoor lighting manufacturers refers to the "secondary lens" connected to the outside of the light source. The meaning of a lens is actually the light source itself. Below we focus on: "Secondary lens" referred to as "lens".



Hotel wall lamp user dealer:

How can we identify the quality of the wall washer material without the complete testing equipment?

Appearance, observation of workmanship details, exquisite appearance, no sharp angle, good color is oxidized color, and is internal and external oxidation, because the radiator and wall washer lamps of wall washers are usually aluminum products. A high purity aluminum material can oxidize a good oxidized color, which ensures the purchase of pure aluminum wall washers.

Luminous efficiency of wall washers for hotel room lights:

The fundamental reason why we choose wall washers is to save energy, save money, and only have high luminous efficiency. The long-life wall washers can really play the role of energy saving and money saving. They are also wall washers, and high-efficiency wall washers are more common than ordinary ones. The luminous efficiency of the wall washer is more than 50% higher, that is, the energy saving effect is higher than 50%.

In the absence of testing equipment, only the comparison method can be used to perform the same comparison test with the same wall washer or the pass-through wall washer with the same actual power. The high brightness is relatively good. Some wall washers, the actual power is much higher than the power, such a lamp, not a good lamp, this is because the driving efficiency of the lamp is low, and remember to buy the wall lamp is to buy it light effect, popular speaking Just buy brightness instead of power.

The difference between wall washers and spotlights is that the wall-washing lights are lined up in a row, most of which are one meter. Other sizes can be customized. The length can be two meters. This effect can cover the lighting area more comprehensively. , there is no dark area in the middle to outline the outline of large buildings! Such a structure not only has good effects, but also has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color, long life, etc., and saves cost, so it is deeply loved by lighting engineering vendors and is the preferred lighting solution for outdoor lighting.



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