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Affect the price factor of wall washers

Affect the price factor of wall washers

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Now we can often see some hotel room lights in some hotels. And such a wall washer, the main thing is to carry out a certain decoration, can bring a certain decorative effect for the hotel. At the same time, many hotels are considering the price of hotel wall washers when they are renovating. Then what kind of quotation is there for such a wall washer? Mentioned the issue of the price of hotel wall washers now, and also the main impact of several factors.

There are a lot of wall washer manufacturers now, and they are also producing and selling wall washers. Therefore, different manufacturers, the quotes given will naturally be different, which is also considered by many consumers. In addition, according to the different functions of the rooms in the room, the color tone can be reasonably distinguished and applied to different environments, which can make people feel more comfortable. For example, in the warm color system, red cannot be applied to indoor space in a large area. Because red can make the heart beat faster, people's mood swings, and there will be feelings of fatigue and irritability when exposed to time.


Indoors, it can be appropriately dotted with red and incident with natural light to achieve color mitigation. Another example is that the cool colors give people a feeling of quietness and stability. Such as: blue, green makes people calm, steady emotions, can relieve tension, insomnia and other symptoms. The cool color series is usually suitable for indoors, such as study rooms, workplaces, etc. where quiet is required.

It should be noted that special weather, such as cloudy days, should also be considered when making indoor lighting arrangements. In order to avoid the natural light can not be introduced into the room well, so that the visibility of the room is reduced, the lighting window with better lighting performance should be selected in the design, and the coordination of the artificial main light and the auxiliary light can be achieved to achieve the transparent and bright effect of the indoor.

Wall washers like commercial lighting are also of different shapes and designs. Therefore, the wall washers of different designs will naturally differ in terms of quotation. And many consumers also need to consider such a factor.




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