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Lighting requirements for hotel lighting projects

Lighting requirements for hotel lighting projects

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The hotel lighting atmosphere is of great significance to the development of the hotel. The hotel design is mainly reflected in the lighting of the facade of the hotel building and the lighting of the hotel interior. A perfect night lighting system can make this hotel very luxurious and On the upper level, the soft lighting in the room gives a feeling of being at home. Hotel lighting project and hotel lighting design and hotel lighting design should become a unified system, so the lighting of the hotel lighting project is very important for a hotel, especially a star hotel.


1. First of all, the hotel night lighting design should be unified and harmonious with the star hotel design concept. However, it also needs to have its own overall style and the design style of the hotel. Now the style of mainstream commercial lighting is: simplicity, atmosphere, taste, and an active atmosphere.

2. So we need to use simple, beautiful and energy-saving lamps to decorate the exterior of the hotel building. At the same time, these lamps should be chosen to make the hotel look gorgeous. The lighting should be able to depict the space of the hotel's exterior and let the hotel's overall architecture be in the moonlight. Under the print lining, it is integrated into the atmosphere of the whole city.

3. Lighting is born for the environment, but also needs to take into account the human factor. After all, the guest is the protagonist of the hotel. The use of lighting should be considered comfortable and can adapt to this lighting environment. Long-life lamps are better. We must pay attention to the relationship between the color temperature and illuminance of the lamps to create a suitable space atmosphere. The most important thing is that the color temperature and illuminance are proportional.

The hotel's lighting design highlights the characteristics of the hotel, providing customers with a more comfortable living environment. The hotel lighting project needs to be better designed, and the golden image can be impressive.



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