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Led wall washer can be applied

Led wall washer can be applied

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The current application range of wall washers has been very extensive, such as the lighting of various corporate buildings, hotel lighting, medical venue lighting and karaoke entertainment atmosphere lighting.

1. High energy saving: The manufacturer of wall washers has the characteristics of low voltage, small current and high brightness. An LED source emits light at the same level as an incandescent lamp, and the same illumination LED is more energy efficient than conventional sources.

2, high luminous efficiency: LED wall lamp manufacturers' LED light effect is good, the spectrum is narrow, the monochromaticity is good, and the light of various properties can be utilized to a large extent, and the color light is directly emitted without filtering, which is more convenient to use.

3, light color: you can choose white or colored light, red, yellow, blue, green, yellow green and orange red, etc., there is always a color to meet your requirements.

4, high security: LED light source uses low voltage drive, stable light, no pollution, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet B band.

5, low operating costs: other light sources not only consume several times the power of the LED light source, but also almost monthly replacement, the cost of device replacement and labor is very large. Therefore, the use of long-life LED light source is very economical in the long run.

6, long life: wall washer manufacturers use solid-state semiconductor chips to convert electrical energy into light energy, plus epoxy resin package, can withstand high-intensity mechanical impact.

7. Quick response: The response time of the LED lighting tube of the manufacturer of the wall washer is very short. When the dedicated power supply is used to supply the LED light source, the time to reach the maximum illumination is very effective.


Wall washer application in municipal engineering

As the saying goes, people rely on clothing, beauty depends on armor, and for a city, the government lighting project is like a beautiful dress, illuminating the entire city. The high quality of the wall washers is trustworthy, whether it is in the city's elevated overpasses, or in the guardrails along the city roads, as well as in other aspects such as subways, green landscapes, etc., to make it decorative and lighting effects. Imagine the beautiful scenery of the bridge's lights and the reflection of the water.

Wall washers are used in various business places

The rapid development of economy and technology has caused people's living habits and consumer behavior to undergo earth-shaking changes. Especially for the southern cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, people have more and more leisure and entertainment at night. The color of the wall washers in Shenzhen can be enhanced in the hotel, such as hotel and hotel, and the atmosphere can be added to the bar dance hall, which greatly enriches and facilitates people's lives.

Wall washers are used in historical buildings and cultural landscapes

Most people who go out to travel have a problem that they can't see the night scene in many places at night. However, with the use of Shenzhen wall washers, in the historical buildings, whether it is a group building or a single building, in the humanistic historical landscape. The lighting of the ground, which has increased the ornamental, meets the spiritual needs of people, and makes people feel good.



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