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Wall lamp life

Wall lamp life

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The development of LED lamps in daily life, wall washers are widely used, so the mastery of the wall washer channels is also an important advantage of the traditional lighting industry. The main reason is that many building or lighting standards are based on regional procurement, while local wall washer manufacturers have a geographical advantage; now wall washer manufacturers are bringing huge capital and technology into the lighting field. For traditional lighting factories, large manufacturers are eager to bid in the form of price increases, which is a major damage to traditional lighting factories, because many traditional lighting factories do not have the financial and technical support of large groups. Therefore, when the price of wall washers continues to be chaotic, traditional lighting factories will closely grasp the channels and end customers because they provide all the light sources for traditional lighting factories, not just wall washers, but mainly choose it to match customers. Or the needs of the design.



Wall washers have become a trend and trend. At the intersection, family elders or TV themes are being discussed, led lighting development is unstoppable.

  How long is the life of the wall washer? The wall washers sold from the market generally have a service life of about 50,000 hours. From the point of view of the manufacturer of the wall washer, if the wall washer really has such a long time, how can the manufacturer survive? From the government market to the public market to the overseas market to the civilian market, the market is large and there is always room for profit. If the market cycle is too slow, it is only a matter of time before supply exceeds demand. The reason for the current industry reshuffle is the instability of the industry. What is the stability of the industry? If everything is set to the ideal state, long life, high performance, energy saving, and environmental protection are just as good as advertising. The market for wall washers is saturated, and many wall washer manufacturers have been eliminated. This is only a matter of time. The slow circulation of commodities under the cover of longevity will become the main obstacle to the development of the LED industry.



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