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Zhongshan Cambriconn Lighting Appliance Factory focuses on personalized commercial lighting, scene lighting, intelligent lighting, providing a full range of lighting customization solutions for clothing, restaurants, hotels, museums, art galleries, schools, hospitals, and factory buildings worldwide. Founded in 2009, the factory is independently led by many well-known industry experts and strategic planners and technical experts. It is a high-end enterprise organized by an excellent talent team. The products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and Southeast Asia. The leading company in the lighting customization industry, the brand “Hailley” and “Cambrian” and “HILLARY” were well-known in the industry.

The factory has the most complete product line in the industry, covering commercial lighting ceiling lamps, downlights, hotel wall washers, bean spotlights, track spotlights, elephant trunk lights, office hanging lamp panels, panel lights, T5T8 brackets, three defenses. Emergency lights, ceiling lamps, crystal lamps, custom lamps, etc. There are more than 3,000 categories of products, and there are many categories and strong service capabilities are rare in the industry. The construction of factory channels has penetrated into the domestic first-line brands such as NVC, Op, Sanxiong and other brand systems. It is loved by domestic and foreign designers. The end customers include Hilton, Sheraton, Hanting, IKEA, China Resources Vanguard, Baiyun Airport, Kunming Airport, Vanke. , Poly, Chinese architecture, etc.

Driven by the concept of “shared products, shared resources, shared platforms, shared brands, shared images, shared channels, shared services”, the factory products pursue high quality and high cost performance, and the product quality is subject to strict standard procedures for order verification, quality. Control, under the premise of quality assurance, provide customers with one-stop procurement and stable cost-effective quality products. Strong brand service awareness and advanced advanced concepts allow us to continuously strive for excellence, long-term and stable operation, and enhance the investment value and growth ability of employees, customers and partners. We will continue to track the elements of new technologies, new models, and new economies, continuously improve our products and services, forge ahead, create a sustainable and professional manufacturing chain platform for our customers, and eventually become the industry leader.

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